Skin Prints strives to provide a safe, clean & friendly atmosphere for tattooing and piercing, serving the greater Chippewa Valley since 1994. Skin Prints was started and continues to be helmed to this day by tattoo artist and piercer Josi Paulson. We have a wide range of experience that can meet just about any artistic need. Our artists all vary in style and specialty, so be sure to check out our portfolios when making a decision with your next tattoo!

Custom tattoos tend to require more effort and planning, so we always encourage our clients to set up a consultation with an artist before making a tattoo appointment. Consults are available Monday through Thursday, depending on artist availability. While a consultation doesn't cost the client anything per se, the artist may require a deposit for the design, set at their discretion.

Due to the growing amount of subpar work done locally and homemade in recent years needing to be reworked, we require a consult for any coverup projects due to the unique challenges they present.

Wisconsin State law requires that one be 18 or older to receive tattoo work. Nobody here will tattoo minors, so don't ask. One must be 16 or older to receive body piercings: minors 16-17 need to be accompanied in person with a parent or legal guardian, with both parties providing a valid photo ID with matching surname and address. Yearbook photos, old birth certificates, etc. will not be accepted in lieu of a photo ID. We will not make any exceptions to this whatsoever, and appeals to our good nature will fall on deaf ears.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason. Anyone who appears to be impaired by drugs or alcohol will be refused outright.

Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied at ALL TIMES by a parent or guardian. NO MINORS (this also includes babies, toddlers, small children, etc.) are allowed in procedure rooms under any circumstances. Our staff is comprised of trained professionals, not pro bono babysitters.

Pets are not allowed. Sorry.

We consistently meet or surpass requirements set in place by the health department; While we utilize modern sterilization techniques, we are favoring more and more disposable equipment and supplies to cut down on a need for an autoclave. This allows a cleaner, safer working environment for both the artist and client. Imagine our shock when we learned that apparently you can get certified for using common sense?

While we happily accommodate friends and family of our clientele, we encourage you to keep visitors to one at a time. We have a small lobby and it's surprising how quick a little room can smell like feet and become deafeningly loud.